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Our adventures are divided into two rooms and differ in game length and the amount of VR equipment used.

The YULLBE PRO multiplayer experiences can be shared by up to sechs people. The 30-minute adventures require all the senses and teamwork!

The YULLBE GO single player experiences allow for a 10 minute adventure. Fünf different VR experiences are available to choose from.

Your visit

YULLBE WUNDERLAND is located in the middle of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, between HafenCity and the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, and is perfectly accessible.

Please be sure to purchase a ticket in advance to be able to play at your desired time without waiting.

Tip: YULLBE has a passage to the Miniatur Wunderland and there is a limited contingent of combination tickets to combine both.


  • Full body tracking with motion capture system from Hollywood
  • 5K VR-goggles
  • Multiplayer Free-roaming
  • Immersive Multisense-Experience
  • Interactive Props
  • Vests for haptic vibrations

Our gamemasters will give you the latest VR technology to plunge into the incredibly immersive adventures.

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