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State-of-the-art technology for incredible experiences

Leave reality behind! This is made possible by VR technology that enables free roaming with varying degrees of complexity depending on the experience.

Group experience  250 m²  30 min

VR goggles: Vive Focus 3 for an unprecedented visual experience
Headset with headphones and microphone for team communication
Vest for haptic vibrations from bHaptics
VICON hand and foot tracker for the transmission of movements
More than 150 tracking cameras in the room to measure the movements

Full Body Tracking

In our group experience YULLBE PRO, you as the players will be equipped with a vest for haptic vibrations as well as VR goggles. The kit is equipped with a headset that allows you to communicate with each other during the adventure. Motion trackers on your hands and feet let your digital twins take over every move you make.

Free Roaming

With more than 150 tracking cameras installed, you can move freely around the 250 m² playing field, with every move you make captured and transmitted to the virtual world for all to see.

Single experience  80 m²  10 min

VR goggles HTC Vive Focus 3 with 5K resolution and integrated tracking system of your movement in the room.
Integrated headphones for your audio entertainment during the Experience
HTC hand controller for tracking hand movements

Our YULLBE GO headset with integrated headphones enables “inside-out tracking”, where the tracking of your movements is done by the headset itself. Together with two tracking controllers in your hands, you set off on your adventure.

You can move freely in the 80 m² playing field and experience the free-roaming adventure.