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The ultimate virtual reality experience

Dive into a new world with YULLBE WUNDERLAND. State-of-the-art VR technology allows you to move freely in the room, leave reality behind you and experience a wide variety of adventures.

The rooms


In YULLBE PRO, you can join two adventures as a team of up to 6 people. You are not bound to one location, but can move freely on more than 250 m².

During the 30-minute adventure, you can expect tasks as well as challenges that you can only complete as a team. You will also be using interactive real props, that will help you master the challenges waiting for you.


In YULLBE GO you can choose between fünf different adventures as a single player. During your 10-minute VR experience, you can move freely around the room with VR goggles and hand controllers.

From crazy miniature or scary adventures to action-packed car chases, even our shorter experiences are full of surprises!

The experiences

Two great adventures are available for a 30-minute group experience in our YULLBE PRO room.

There are five shorter single-player experiences to choose from in the YULLBE GO room – ideal for getting a taste of the VR world.

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For immersion, we equip you with the latest VR technology, which differs in complexity depending on the room you choose.


Full Body Tracking 250 m² Free-Roaming

VR goggles: Vive Focus 3 for an unprecedented visual experience
Headset with headphones and microphone for team communication
Vest for haptic vibrations from bHaptics
VICON hand and foot tracker for the transmission of movements
More than 150 tracking cameras in the room to measure the movements

Inside-out Tracking 80 m² Free-Roaming

VR goggles HTC Vive Focus 3 with 5K resolution and integrated tracking system of your movement in the room.
Integrated headphones for your audio entertainment during the Experience
HTC hand controller for tracking hand movements

Creators & Vision

YULLBE WUNDERLAND is the child of two parents well-known in the leisure environment: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg and Europa-Park Rust.

Both are known for their love of designing detailed, creative experiences. So it’s no surprise that both places have topped the list of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations for years. Both family businesses were united from second one by the joy of creativity and gimmicks.

The joint attraction YULLBE WUNDERLAND is the result of a long-cherished dream of the Wunderlandians. The idea of shrinking oneself into the crazy model worlds has often fascinated the Wunderland modelers while looking at the landscapes, and the VR technology of the YULLBE team from Rust proved to be the perfect playground for this.

"I am happy to finally announce that our next YULLBE attraction will open in Hamburg. Together with Miniatur Wunderland we are planning a great new project!"

Michael MackGeschäftsführer Europa-Park und MackNeXT

"Looking back, the pandemic was probably also an opportunity. Without it, you and I probably wouldn't have had the time for this insanely creative and inspiring exchange."

Frederik BraunGründer Miniatur Wunderland

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