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Mission Rulantica

This adventure is beyond imagination. On behalf of the secret society Adventure Club of Europe, you’ll travel back in time to the magical island of Rulantica.

Once there, your team spirit will be put to the test. To complete your mission, you must first defeat Svalgur and Loki. Only together you can manage to blow up the source of life!


Age Rating

10 years +

min. 1,40 m


30 minutes





German, English, French

Single Ticket

€ 29.00
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Incl. Miniatur Wunderland

from € 41.50 € 37.50

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YULLBE WUNDERLAND PRO experiences, such as Mission Rulantica], last 30 minutes and can be experienced together as a group. Up to 6 people dive into a spectacular adventure at the same time and virtually take on a new appearance from head to toe. Even in the virtual world, everyone can see each other, communicate with each other via a headset and interact with haptic elements in the room.


At YULLBE PRO we equip you with complete full body tracking VR technology: VR goggles, a helmet for communication with your fellow players, a backpack PC and trackers on your hands and feet. This way, every move you make is accurately captured and transmitted to your digital twins in the virtual world.


On the 250 m² area you can move freely (so-called free roaming) and plunge into the adventure together. Depending on the experience, you’ll also receive physical items that will help you master the challenges. The room is also equipped with 150 cameras, which precisely record your movements.


YULLBE PRO Experiences

Time Slots

You want to try out the Wunderland virtual reality world for the first time – and that for only € 12?